About Me

Hi everybody!

I am Xarieya and I looove baking for my friends and family

My favorites to bake are cupcakes

My favorites cupcake is Vanilla White Chocolate

I started watching my Uncle and Mimi bake and could not eat any of it because it wasn't vegan

Me and my dad ALWAYS went to the store to buy our own desserts when we went to family parties :(

So I started watching baking shows on the Food Network and YouTube and learned how to bake my own desserts that me and my dad could eat

At our next family party people wanted to try me and my dad's desserts and they tried to eat all of our stuff

Awesome! Now my family is eating more healthy...at least for desserts

So my dad asked me to make cupcakes for his work, he took them and told me all of them were eaten up very fast and that I need to make more

Hope you like my story :)

- Xarieya

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